C-Tow 1000 Islands offers local marine expertise and assistance with fast, emergency response.

Marine Assistance

We're dedicated to helping you if you run into trouble on Lake Ontario or the St. Lawrence River. C-Tow 1000 Islands is available for marine assistance calls including soft un-groundings, fuel delivery, help navigating or escorting your boat, and jump starts.

Towing Services

We will tow your boat to the nearest port of repair, safely and responsibly. The C-Tow 1000 Islands vessel is well-suited to towing boats small, large, and everything in between. Groundings requiring less than 30 minutes of on-scene service are billed as towing calls.

Salvage & Recovery

For hard un-groundings, vessel recovery, and marine salvage, you can count on C-Tow 1000 Islands. The goal is always to save property in peril, using suitable skill and equipment.


Consider us your local lifeline.

On the water from Kingston to Brockville, Ontario, C-Tow 1000 Islands keep boaters safe and comfortable. We are one member of a large coast-to-coast network of Canadian operators, connected through the C-Tow Marine Assistance 24/7 dispatch centre where your calls are personally answered by a real person, 24/7.

Whether you are already a C-Tow member, ensuring affordable peace of mind, or otherwise find yourself in need of help, rest assured that there's no better option than C-Tow.